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About Us

Exponent Challenge Academy (ECA) comprises of a group of outdoor enthusiasts with more than 20 years of experience working with youths. Since then, we have established ourselves as pioneers and experts in the area of outdoor adventure programmes both locally and overseas.

ECA experts work with a diverse group of youths ranging from young student leaders to the general student population to youths at risks. As such the academy is equipped with trainers who also counsel besides having fun with the students during the specially designed activities.


Philosophy of ECA

ECA is committed to developing youths as leaders of the future. It helps youths develop the mindset, skill-set and tool-set to create and see more options in their lives and to make healthier decisions. All the programmes conducted at the Exponent Challenge Academy support students in applying their newly enhanced skills to problem solve daily challenges, enabling them to be passionate and effective leaders in their schools and communities.

ECA offers a wide range of structured experiences designed to: build trust, facilitate honest communication; promote wellness, self-respect, tolerance, and personal insight; develop leadership skills, explore drug free lifestyles.

ECA believes the skills of leadership can be acquired through practice. Leadership is neither inborn nor intuitive. Through real life or simulated scenarios, leadership can be developed.

ECA uses the outdoors because it is fun, physically challenging and rewarding. The small team approach where the attention and needs of everyone are catered. This allows opportunities for better engagement and improvement.

ECA believes in the infinity principle: that education never stops and for that reason, ECA will continually evaluate and seek ways to improve both as individuals and as an organization.


Uniqueness of ECA

All programmes at ECA are based on curriculum grounded in research and designed to:

  • Bring together young leaders to focus on the 3 R’s
    • Responsibility to self and others
    • Respect for self and others
    • Relationship with self and others
  • Instills powerful tools for real behavior change, at a deep level of the youth psyche. Youth celebrates both the experience of the program and their new experience of self
  • Utilizes real life or simulated scenarios to teach creative problem solving that will bring about new knowledge to modify thinking that will lead to modification of behaviour

Bottom-line, participating in ECA programmes will transform lives and learning environments by equipping youths with more options to make better and informed choices.


Learning outcomes of Programme at ECA

Participants at ECA will:

  • know how low self- awareness can handicap one’s action
  • increase their sense of responsibility for their emotions and behaviour
  • learn to be independent and responsible of oneself
  • discover their leadership potential or other qualities that they have yet to uncover
  • appreciate the importance and the effectiveness of teamwork
  • give constructive feedback
  • respond to criticism in a productive manner that strengthens relationship
  • be more aware of one’s own problem-solving process and hence improve thinking and learning skills


Programmes offered at ECA

  • Student Leadership Program
  • Rehabilitation Program for Youth at Risk
  • Team-Bonding Program
  • Outdoor Education
  • Local & Overseas Adventure Camp
  • Technical Courses for Youth Leaders in the area of Kayaking & Sport Climbing
  • Overseas Community Service
  • Mini Adventure Race
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